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The Holy Ghost Festivities

The Holy Ghost Festivities are the most important festivities in Azores, and the cult of the Holy Ghost dates back to the time of D. Dinis and Queen Santa Isabel.

These popular festivals, called “Bodos”, are marked by joy and color, with the celebration of the cult of the Emperor and the bodo.

The celebrations dignify the Holy Spirit, one of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, along with the exaltation of fraternity – the true essence of these feasts – with the sharing of donuts and wine with others.

The Sunday mass marks the coronation of the emperor, usually one or more children, or someone chosen.

As in the other islands of the archipelago, also in Graciosa the dedication to the Holy Spirit Festivities happens from Easter until Trinity Sunday in our town and parishes.

Even with differences in the celebration in the different parishes and islands of the Azores, these festivities respect the Divine Holy Spirit, not looking at beliefs or dogmas.

The celebration that brings everyone to the same table and where life and the gitf of sharing are celebrated!

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