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Exploring the flavors of the Azores’ Graciosa Island

Graciosa Island is a hidden treasure in the Azores archipelago. In addition to its landscapes, it has authentic flavors that can only be found on the island: wine, queijadas and cheese. In this article, we’ll explore these three flavors that captivate visitors to the island. Graciosa Island Wine: A delight for the palate The Azores […]

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Get to know the Ponta da Barca Lighthouse

In Graciosa, there are activities for all tastes and preferences. Visit and enjoy incredible experiences that will stay with you forever! If you’re looking for a magical place in Graciosa, the Ponta da Barca Lighthouse is a must on your list of tourist attractions. Located in the northwest of the island, in Ponte da Barca, […]

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Tips for exploring Graciosa Island

As you plan your trip to the island of Graciosa, it’s essential to pay attention to the right clothing and other accessories to make the most of the island’s natural beauty! To help you out, here are some useful tips to help you prepare for an incredible adventure in the region! Clothes and more clothes: […]

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The Holy Ghost Festivities

The Holy Ghost Festivities are the most important festivities in Azores, and the cult of the Holy Ghost dates back to the time of D. Dinis and Queen Santa Isabel. These popular festivals, called “Bodos”, are marked by joy and color, with the celebration of the cult of the Emperor and the bodo. The celebrations […]