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Get to know the Ponta da Barca Lighthouse

In Graciosa, there are activities for all tastes and preferences. Visit and enjoy incredible experiences that will stay with you forever!

If you’re looking for a magical place in Graciosa, the Ponta da Barca Lighthouse is a must on your list of tourist attractions. Located in the northwest of the island, in Ponte da Barca, this historic lighthouse appeals to tourists because of its unique architectural beauty.

Did you know that, for many years, the Ponte da Barca Lighthouse played a crucial role in the lives of the people of Graciosa? In addition to its function for sailors, the lighthouse also served as a clock for the Graciosa community. When the lighthouse light came on, it was a clear sign that the hard work in the fields was coming to an end.

Planned in 1883, it was at the beginning of February 1930 that the lighthouse began operating. It consists of a tower 23 meters high and 71 meters high. Over the years, the lighthouse has undergone some transformations, but it has retained its historic essence to this day.

In addition to its history and its role as a signpost, the Ponte da Barca Lighthouse has become a must-see for the breathtaking view it offers of the famous “Ilhéu da Baleia” and the surrounding landscape. The colors of the stone range from red clay to black basalt and when you add the green of the plants and the blue of the sea… it’s a visual delight! Get ready for the photos, they will be wonderful and memories worth looking back on.

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